Monday, June 18, 2012

Enjoyed Anjou Restaurant!

My husband and I recently went to a new restaurant, and we thought it would be nice to do a "layman's review" for our Fresh Ink fans.  Anjou is on Highland Colony, in the old AJ's building.  It is next to The Club, and behind Summerhouse.

We were greeted by very warm staff members, walked through a beautiful dining room, and were seated outside on their patio which was delightful!

I started the evening with the French 75 cocktail which is Tanqueray Gin, lemon, and Champagne. My perfect cocktail, refreshing and not too sweet! I could have downed at least one more if not two!

My next course was the Anjou house salad. I thought it was a great value for $6 (I did not add the goat cheese croutons), and I am very picky about salads.   It had a good bed of mixed greens, thinly sliced red onions, cooked bacon and tomatoes. I opted for the French vinaigrette which, I was told, was made with mustard and bolder and I thought it was fantastic. My husband had the Caesar and thought it was great as well.  My Anjou salad looked pretty much just like the web site's photo!

My entree was the chicken and it was fabulous.  Sauteed breast with a delicious light sauce - it was tender and moist.  The side vegetables were pearl onion, mushrooms, bacon, sautéed potatoes, and  green beans.  I kind of tossed the vegetables with some of the sauce and I have to say it was a fantastic medley.  At only $17 it was a real value.

Jeff, being a huntsman, tried the duck.  It looked just like the web site photo, too!

He ordered it prepared medium, and it was tasty.  It came with a side of sweet potatoes and green beans.  It was definitely prepared as nicely as I've had duck in any restaurant in a bigger city.  I  just personally am not a huge fan of duck if it's not from the hunting camp, so I'm a little jaded.  I preferred my chicken personally - though I'm sure the true french cooking lovers would scoff at me!  The duck was $20.

We had one cocktail each, we each had a salad, and an entree each and our bill was $85 before tax and tip.  I thought that was a great value since we ate last week at Tommy Bahamas in Destin and it was close to $200 and I don't even think I ordered an entree.  The martinis make it a little hard to remember.

Anyway, when we go back, I will definitely try the steak frites, and the pork chop shown on the web site which looks awesome.  Plus I would love to try the French cheeses plate and the charcuterie plate just to indulge a little.  Maybe with girls over some more wine!

We don't usually do restaurant reviews, but when this popped up as an option Groupon today, we thought it might be some good info for you to have!  Hopefully you will purchase the Groupon and give Anjou a review of your own.

Here is the link to join Groupon (below).  Then just set up Jackson, Mississippi as your city and you will see the offer!

Best, Elizabeth

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