Thursday, December 10, 2009

Project 3/50

I've been made aware about a new movement called Project 3/50. It's a national force that several locally owned businesses have joined, after this project outlined some amazing statistics. Ever since, I was asked to write this blog for Fresh Ink, I can't seem to get the stats out of my mind, and I think this is the best time to share it...The busiest month of the retail year!

Think of 3 shops that you would really miss if they shut their doors? Pop in, support them, say hello. Pick up a little something that will make someone smile. Your purchase is what keeps that business there.

If half of the employed population spent just $50 each month in locally owned independent businesses, it would generate more than $42 billion in revenue !

For every $100 sold in locally independent stores, $68 returns to the community through payroll, taxes, and other expenditures....if you spend that money in a national chain only $43 stays here, if you order on-line, NOTHING COMES BACK to Mississippi!

I about cringed the other day when I heard a local business owner say that she was going home to do her "on-line" shopping. I thought to myself, why would she want to give her money to another state, (when our state could really use it)? That is precisely how my brain is wired....and it should be the way all of us think this holiday season, as we spend our dollars. Whether it is at Fresh Ink, or any other store in the metro is important that we take a stand and support businesses. I "get" that we are an instant gratification nation, we want it now, and the click of a mouse is sometimes easier. But consider friendly service, and gift wrap. Consider the security you will feel knowing that we made sure our brides received your gift! Consider who donated that silent auction item, the next time you go to a charity event. Did the "megamart" donate it? Or did "" donate to your local Breast Cancer chapter?

It goes without saying that Fresh Ink appreciates every purchase and every body that enters our door....Just wanted to share these fascinating facts with you, as you are out and about this holiday season! Merry Christmas!

(items you will find the next time you visit Fresh Ink)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tamara Childs-Annieglass...The Layered Look!

Are you a bride who registered and received fabulous Annieglass....but quite possibly, it's not in your budget to add more to your collection (post wedding vows)? The artist Tamara Childs has artistically created glass tableware and decorative accessories that compliment your Annie Glass collection. Notice in the pictures below that we have mixed in the Annieglass with our Tamara Childs glass to create a beautiful place setting. And...the prices can not be beat! Tamara's collection ranges from $18.00 to $200.00, and with a wider (gold, copper or silver) rim, they have a presence that makes quite a statement! Pair up our $30.00 dip bowls (Annieglass doesn't even make a dip bowl like this) with one of your large platters, set out our rectangular votives amongst your greenery, or use one or our square or round large platters for your Advent arrangement this holiday season. There are several ways to use her pieces, dress them up, or display them casually....Or better yet, give them to that classy girlfriend (who has everything) and tell her of the hundreds of ways to use them!
(Tamara Childs dip bowl, pictured above with Annieglass square silver platter, atop Childs's gold rimmed round platter)

( Tamara Childs rectangled tray, with her square gold platter, layered with with Annieglass gold rim charger, paired with Childs's gold dip bowl)

(Tamara Childs large silver votive holders)

(square accessory bowl-great for snacks, or dips)

(notice the square tea-light fabulous to run several of these down the length of a dining room table)

(pictured above this gold leafed centerpiece bowl)

(you had to see it to believe it! $30 for this dip bowl) Need to take a gift to a "Dirty Santa" party..who wouldn't fight over this?

(I love the mixture of the gold and copper...mix, match and layer!)

Come on in to Fresh Ink and mention this blog to receive 10% off on any one Tamara Childs item good through December 11th, 2009.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eggcelent Savings on Tailgaiting Goods!

Who is gonna take home the trophy? Your team, or your rival team? Fresh Ink has all of your tailgating needs....(to taunt the other team with!) Your team colors might be covered up with a coat and a scarf tomorrow in Starkville, so proudly show your team spirit by having the most festive tailgate on the campus. All of our OLE MISS/MSU supplies are 15% off while supplies last! Great for the man in your life too! We open at 10am today..see you there!

Do you think you have that trophy in the BAG?

Cups, melomine trays, picnic baskets, Styrofoam cups and more! Need a hostess gift for that special person who spearheads your every tailgate? See you today for great football savings, no need to mention this post, the girls in the store know all about the sale!


Friday, November 20, 2009

The 10 Day's before December

T'was 10 days before December and at the back door,
The jolly UPS man arrived to deliver more!

He looked all throughout the store,
at the trees and tables full of cocktail napkins, onion dips & spreaders

Mesmerized by the wall's decked with invitations, photo cards, and stationery (to write those thank you letters)!

Then he glanced at the hostess gifts all nestled snug on a table
(reindeer bottle openers, wine bags, hors d'oeuvre picks, dish towels,
& match sticks)....

Can you afford them? OH YOU'LL BE ABLE!
And while our expert staff was busy, printing, and wrapping for free,
the white bearded UPS man left feeling all giddy with glee,
In a flash he vanished, after giving the staff a wink...
Exclaiming "Merry Christmas to all...and to all SHOP AT FRESH INK"!


Saturday, November 14, 2009













A friendly reminder (from a recovering expert procrastinator) not to wait until you are stressed out the week after Thanksgiving to order your Christmas cards. It is a slippery slope we are about to jump on, that quick slide that bridges Thanksgiving to Christmas. Bring in your picture and let our staff pick out that perfect card for you! Don't have your picture yet? That's OK! Choose a vertical or horizontal layout and take your picture accordingly. Upon ordering we will send you home with envelopes so that you may stamp and address at your leisure. Do something for your yourself this busy holiday season and pace yourself! Looking forward to helping you out next week!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Become a Fan, and Save Big!

It's an epidemic, it's taking over the world...Everyone you know, or want to know, does it? It appears amongst daily conversation, you are considered "out of the know" if you don't do it... Any Guesses???

No matter how you view it....It's FACEBOOK....

Become a FACEBOOK FAN of Fresh Ink and receive a "FANS ONLY" message on Wednesday containing a 20% off coupon good for one item that you can use November 5th, 6th or 7th....Think of the possibilities!!! This discount could be used towards a Seda France candle, a piece of Jon Hart luggage, a set of note cards, a Tepper Jackson bag, Crane Stationary, JULISKA, we carry it, you get a 20% discount on it with our thanks for becoming a fan!
Click the Link below to become a Fresh Ink Facebook Fan:
Excludes shipping, may not be combined with other offers.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hahaha, teee heeee, LOL...FUNNY!

OK, I'm fairly positive that some creative napkin designer has high jacked the brains of my girlfriends (well, and my brain too)! These are hysterical...and you have to admit, T R U E! I can't wait to buy these in bulk for every woman on my list! Think of napkins as a greeting card, you read the message, and it automatically reminds you of a special friend! My only dilemma is that I can't decide if I want to attach a spreader to them, or one of Fresh Ink's hors d'oeuvre picks? Hmmm....But I do know one thing, I am getting these before they are gone! It's all about the little things in life that brings a smile to one's face!

"Thank God There's A Pill For Everything"

"World Peace Starts With Inner Peace Which Starts With Chardonnay"

"Enough With The Damn Juice Boxes Mommy Needs A Cocktail"

"There is Nothing A Glass of Wine And A Flat Iron Can't Fix"
Visit Fresh Ink and bring in a copy of this post to receive 10% off one package of these beverage napkins October 31st-November 9th 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Power of Pink day at Highland Village!

We had a great time today at POWER OF PINK day at Highland Village. You just haven't lived until you've seen someone with pink-spiked hair before 10am in the morning. Fresh Ink participated in a fashion show showing off our Bedhead pajamas, and decorated our windows in pink ribbon style to celebrate! Enjoy the pics! - Elizabeth
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