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Sferra Memorial Day Sale - Sheets 101

If you are in the market for an upgrade to your bed linens, the Sferra Memorial Day sale is the perfect time to take the plunge.

But purchasing high quality sheets is an investment, and you want to make sure that you are educated and make the best choice for your lifestyle. After researching and testing the Sferra brand, Fresh Ink can help you pick the perfect sheets that you will enjoy slipping into night.

When we first began carrying Sferra, our quality questions involved a discussion of thread count, which company representatives say is an unreliable way to evaluate quality. A set of sheets made of microfiber (polyester) yarns might seen to be a higher thread count than one of long-staple cotton yarns because the microfiber yarns are thinner and more fit in a square inch, thus confusing the consumer into purchasing an inferior product. So in the Sferra world, we don't really talk about thread count.

Instead, the first thing to know about Sferra sheets is that they use long-staple Egyptian cotton. Cotton sheets are absorbent, breathable, and soft. Sheets with polyester or microfiber polyester might be sold at a higher "thread count" but they will not provide the softness of cotton.

The second decision about sheets involves whether you prefer "percale" or "sateen" sheets. These terms refer to how the cotton is woven. Sferra sheets are woven in centuries old family-owned textile mills in North Italy. Italian weavers are recognized throughout the world as the absolute masters of the craft.

Percale sheets are woven in a "one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under" weave. They are soft, and smooth with a crisp, matte finish. They become softer after each wash and are resistant to pilling. Most sleepers find percale sheets cooler and more breathable than sateen ones, and they are a good option to use year-round for that hotel-like experience. Percale can wrinkle more easily than sateen, but some sleepers are happy with the washed-cotton-shirt feel even when not ironed, while others might iron their percale sheets for a crisp finish.

Sateen sheets are woven with a "three-yarn-over and one-yarn-under" weave. The weave gives them a natural silky sheen and soft feel. They are typically heavier in weight and might suit sleepers who are often cold when sleeping or those living in cooler climates. They are naturally wrinkle resistant due to the weave.

Our favorite entry-level percale sheets from Sferra are the Grand Hotel collection and the Celeste collection. Comparable in price and quality, the Grand Hotel series, like the name implies, has a classic white or ivory base with embroidered thread detail in various colors as you might expect to find in a fine hotel. The Celeste collection encompasses many color options and features a classic hemstitch finish for a subtle decorative touch. Some clients find that soft colors of sheets like soft blues, tans, or grays hide wear more easily than white sheets, but other clients like the ability to spot treat any stains on white sheets without worrying about damaging colors. You can't go wrong with either of these collections as a start to your fine sheet collection.

Entry-level sateen sheets are typically from the Giotto collection. A variety of colors and a classic hemstitch finish make these versatile for any bedding design. If you like warmer sheets for the winter, having a set of sateen sheets for colder months can appeal to people who are cool when they sleep.

Caring for your sheets can become a ritual that you enjoy knowing it will give you many nights of sleeping comfort. The Sferra web site indicates to machine wash warm on gentle cycle with care to not use harsh detergents and only the minimum amount needed. While tumble-drying on low heat and removing while damp is recommended, other options for gently drying your sheets include washing them then resting them over anther bed with a ceiling fan to air dry them. Although not necessary, some people iron percale sheets to give them a crisply-ironed finish and some people iron sateen sheets to restore their natural silkiness.

Whether you choose to purchase "beginner" percale or sateen sheets from Sferra or the coveted Giza 45 Sheets, we have all the samples of the line to help you make the best choices. And during the Memorial Day sale, this savings will also have you sleeping soundly!

View the Grand Hotel percale series here.

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