Thursday, October 20, 2011

We Heart Jon Hart

If you haven't been introduced to my imaginary boyfriend Jon Hart, please take a seat and let me have the pleasure of introducing you. It wasn't until my freshman year at Ole Miss that my eyes fell upon his genius. Thank goodness for all those Texas girls that came to school toting all of their matching Jon Hart pieces. Not only did they have beautiful luggage but they had make-up bags, computer cases, back- packs - you name it, they had it. I watched them prance into the dorms with my jaw on the floor, it didn't take me long to figure out who was creating these great bags, the one and only Jon Hart. 
He entered my life that year and I never want to live a moment without him! 

Now through October 31st you can get 10% off the sale price of select pieces in his collection. And Because Fresh Ink is so amazing, we are offering 15% off the sale price if you special order two pieces!! You can seriously find something for everyone on your list, go ahead and knock-out that Christmas list with one fell swoop! We have majority of the pieces in the store, stop by and check them out, you will fall in love, we promise! 

Here are some highlights to get you started:

Carry On Wheels, Normally $ 426 | Sale $ 399 

This piece is classic and stylish, a great go-to for leaving on a jet-plane or in your suburban. 

Odessa Tote, Normally $ 196 | Sale $ 175

This is seriously on of my favorite Jon Hart pieces. Man's best friend is his dog, a woman's best friend is this amazing tote. Since it is coated canvas, it is durable and easy to clean and it is the perfect size for anything "you might also need." From a computer to diapers, snacks to lunch, your tennis shoes or your pumps this bag has your back. 

The Weekender, Normally $ 242 | Sale $ 219

Packing for a weekend away is tough enough, trying to find just the right bag to take can sometimes be impossible. This bag isn't named the Weekender just-because. It really is the bag you need for those weekends away. It is large enough to fit all your outfit options as well as your toiletries, and any other miscellany you might need for your trip and just small enough for you carry around without breaking a sweat. 

Cooler, Normally $ 166 | Sale $ 149 

Let's face it, some of those portable coolers we own are just hideous!! Why do we even bother with them, they're too small to hold everything we need, they leak, the zippers break, phew! This cooler is so fashionable you could carry it as just a regular bag. Take it on the plane as your carry on and then use it as your cooler at the beach. This piece is as functional as it is pretty.

*Every piece is completely customizable, you can pick your fabric, color and even put a monogram on them if you want! 

In Review: 
Order one piece and get 10% off the sale price
Order two pieces and get 15% off the sale price


Friday, October 7, 2011

Create a Halloween Table with Fresh Ink!

"Double, Double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble" Shakespeare

The air is crisp outside, the leaves are starting to turn and there are pumpkins, ghosts, goblins and candy peeking out around every corner. Creating a fabulous and fun table for your Halloween party could be the easiest thing ever or could have you running from store to store picking up these napkins here and that centerpiece there. All you really need to do is stop by Fresh Ink! We have everything you need for your Halloween fun, aside from costumes and candy, that is! Here are some of our favorites:

1. Sparkly Silhouettes,  $14
Great decor around the house or on a table. 

2. Halloween Invite
Set the mood for your spooktacular party with invites from Fresh Ink

3. Boo Cups, $6.95
Cute cups that make cleaning up a snap; they would also be a fun hostess gift! We also have these in "it's all about the candy" and "Happy Fall Yall"

4. Halloween Invite

5. Bite Me Napkins, $5.50
Add some sass to your party with these fun napkins.

6. Pumpkin Place Mat, $5.95
These festive place mats make cleaning up after your little goblins as simple as a nose-twitch. 

7. Peace, Love and Candy Corn Plates, $5.50 
Cute Halloween plates, what more can you say?

8. Orange & White Polka Dot and It's all about the Candy Napkins. $5.50
Mix and match your napkins, why not?

9. It's all about the Candy Cups, $14.95
More sturdy than the Boo cups but just as much fun! 

10. Colored Votive Holders, $5 
Add some light and color to your table with these. 

11. Sparkly Spider Rings, $ 7.95
A fun gift or something fun for you to wear! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hostess Gifts, Me Oh My!

You're pregnant, you're married or you're fabulous - either way you will at some point need to shower (with gifts) the lovely people that host elaborate showers (or parties) for you. We have so many great gift options in the store that it can be hard to make up your mind. so we are here to help! We narrowed it down and these are our picks, for the moment, of some great hostess gifts:

Seda France Hand Soap, $20
Give to the friend who wants gifts "she can use". 

By now you are definitely aware of our deep love for all of Seda France's luxurious products. It's safe to say you can always find a candle burning in the store. We were first hooked on tho candles and now we are addicted to the hand soap! Japanese Quince is a great choice, if you aren't sure which scent to go with. Your hostesses will love this gift and think of you each time they use their soap. 

Custom Enclosure Cards, starting at $20
Give to your friend who loves to give!

These beautiful cards are a thoughtful and personal gift. There are lots of designs to choose from or we can create something custom for you in the store. Your hostesses will love that they can keep on giving with your lovely gift! 

Tamara Childs Bowl, $30
Give to your friend who loves a statement piece. 

These Tamara Childs Bowls are so beautiful! They are the perfect size for so many things - use them in the bathroom to hold cotton balls, set them on a table filled with potpourri or use them to hold tasty snacks. We have them in gold and silver, your hostesses will love the glam gift they can use as an accent just about anywhere in their home. 

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