Thursday, September 30, 2010

New from SEDA FRANCE: Autumn Spice & Bon Bon Candles

Our favorite candle line in the store by far is Seda France.  You simply can't beat the bang for your buck with these outstanding candles, and the pretty packages make them the perfect gift as well!  We have carried them since we opened our doors almost 6 years ago, and they are still going strong!  There are 2 new fragrances that we LOVE and hope you will come by and try out.
Autumn Spice:

There is a warm, inviting feeling that goes along with the start of fall, as leaves begin to turn and there's just enough of a nip in the air to light the season's first crackling fire. Autumn Spice embodies that special, all-too-brief time of the year with a spicy fragrance that tantalizes like a cup of hot buttered rum, including the scent of ground ginger, cinnamon and rich brown sugar.

Bon Bon:

Nothing says "decadent" like lounging in the lap of luxury with a box of luscious bonbons. For our own Bon Bon we've spared no expense, with a gathering of ingredients that brings to mind a warm, delectable cherry cordial, including vintage portwood, French cassis, zesty southern Valencia, wild Himalayan cherry, Ceylon tea, a touch of Tupelo honey, and a heady trio of acai berry, cyprus nutmeg and sandal tree.

We hope you will stop by and pick up one of these to enjoy with the wonderful fall weather we are having lately!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Importance of Thank You Notes!!!

You have planned the wedding, the honeymoon, building your new home together and a thousand other details regarding getting married and living happily every after. This is a busy time and there are a lot of things to do. It can be easy to get busy and let some things slip through the cracks. One thing to NEVER forget is sending out thank you cards for the wedding gifts you have received. Your promptness shows more appreciation and better manners, and it reassures guests that their gift was not lost or stolen. If you get gifts before the wedding, you should send immediate thank-you notes for them. This also makes it easier to remember.

It doesn't take long to express gratitude in a note and even the simplest note will go a long way in showing your thanks. Remember that wording does not need to be perfect. An imperfect note that shows heartfelt thanks will go much further than no note at all.

Ten Do’s and Don’ts of Thank You Notes - courtesy of Emily Post.

Do personalize your notes and make reference to the person as well as the gift.

Do remember that a gift should be acknowledged with the same courtesy and generous spirit in which it was given.

Do be enthusiastic, but don’t gush. Avoid saying a gift is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen unless you really mean it.

Don’t send form letters or cards with printed messages and just your signature; don’t use email or post a generic thank you on your wedding web site in lieu of a personal note.

Do promptly acknowledge the receipt of shipped gifts by sending a note right away or calling and following up with a written note in a day or two.

Don’t mention that you plan to return a gift or that you are dissatisfied in any way.

Don’t tailor your note to the perceived value of the gift; no one should receive a perfunctory note.

Do refer to the way you will use a gift of money. Mentioning the amount is optional.

Don’t include wedding photos or use photo cards if it will delay sending the note.

Don’t use being late as an excuse not to write. Even if you are still sending notes after your first anniversary, keep writing!

Congratulations! Now it's time to send out a wedding thank you to each person who has helped you celebrate your new life together.

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