Thursday, December 23, 2021

Preparing your Wedding Invitations

It is so exciting to receive your wedding invitations. These are some very important notes and suggestions to follow.

Within 5 days of receipt, please open and check all invitations and accessories. While we never expect to have any shortage, damage, or problem, it is much easier to deal with anything unexpected sooner rather than the night you are completing your assembly. All of our quotes say you will let us know any issue within 5 business days of receipt.

If your envelopes were addressed by a calligrapher, check each one against your list. Calligraphers are human beings and it is possible they can make errors. If your envelopes are addressed by computer, you are responsible for checking each one against your list BEFORE stuffing and mailing them. Your quote includes a purple form to remind you of this. Again, while problems are rare, they are easier to address sooner rather than later.

Take one of your FULLY ASSEMBLED invitations to the post office to confirm the weight and postage required. Stamps are not refundable so you don't want to guess at your postage! We can give you an estimate but ultimately it is the client's responsibility to confirm the accurate current postage if you mail your own invitations.

Once you get your invitations home, this our tried and true method for checking everything.

1. Take all items out on your dining room table and count everything and make alternating stacks of 10 for each product. So go through all the invitation cards, count out 10 and stack, then count out 10 more and stack at a different angle. This makes it easy at a glance to see your quantities and will be very important later. Continue with all pieces making groups of 10 and alternating the stacks for easy counting in groups. Count invitations, envelopes, reply cards, everything. Tissue is not usually necessary to be counted but it never hurts!

2. When you are ready to assemble your invitations, you will take a stack of 10 for each item (invitation, reply card, etc) along with 10 stamps and work in groups of 10. Completely assemble all of those 10 invitations EXCEPT DO NOT SEAL THEM.  If you see extra pieces left on your work area after assembling 10 you can deduct you have left something out - you will be surprised how often this happens! Working in sets of 10 makes sure that you don't do this by accident.

3. Wait to seal your envelope until the night before you are ready to take them to the post office. Many people hurry to complete an invitation and stuff stamp and seal it all in one pass, but if there is any crazy unexpected change we can handle just about anything as long as the envelopes are not sealed. So the very very very last thing you will do is steal your envelopes. You can stuff them ahead of time and get them all organized but do not lick them and seal them until you are ready to take them to the post office.

Other important tips:

The inner envelope does not get sealed. It does not have gum and therefore cannot be sealed and it also does not need to be tucked inside the flap of itself. It is left loose. The inner envelope is inserted with the front facing the guest. So they will open the outer envelope, And slide out the inner envelope where they will quickly see their name written on the inner envelope.

You will put a regular first class stamp on the reply envelope. No postage goes on the inner envelope.

The following visuals are from the Crane Wedding Blue Book which is out of print so we have attached images for your reference. In our experience, hand-cancelling is not always worth the time and effort as the self-inking cancelling device can smudge your envelopes more than just letting them go through the machine naturally. The choice is yours! But we do often hand them over the counter to the postal associate rather than just stuffing them in a mail drop since that way they are often fed more carefully through the machine.


Tuesday, November 16, 2021


Whether you are just starting a new business or refreshing your branding, we get many questions about logo design that can be answered below.

Logo design can typically be classified as "semi custom" or "completely custom" and the pricing for each can vary widely. Here are a few examples:

Semi Custom 1: You have a business name but not a "logo" and you just want some reasonable business cards to distribute. Something from our web site is a fast and economical way to start. Here is one example but there are hundreds more to choose from:

Semi Custom 2: You want to develop a logo for your business but you would like to keep the price moderate. Purchasing a logo that is pre-designed and ready for editing can be a good budget saver. We do this often from Let's say you are a florist and want a minimal, modern logo. We might consider this one:

Then our graphic designer can modify the file for your needs. The cost of something like this is the cost of the bundle that you choose and $150 per hour of consultation or design time. Usually you can expect to pay for 2 hours, one to consult with an associate on your plan and one for the graphic designer to work on your selection for a total of $300. If you want to make tweaks to the template then additional time will be required. You will pay for $150 in advance for your first consulting hour and then the remaining $150 or balance upon approval of your logo. We reserve the right to bill in increments if the project takes an extensive amount of time.

Completely Custom: You would like to discuss fonts and colors and start completely from scratch on a logo designed from the ground up for you. This type of project requires a $1000 advance retainer and hours are billed at $250 per hour for consulting, planning, design and revisions. We will typically use almost all of the retainer in design but any that remains can be used toward printed products ie business cards etc.

While we have the talent to do logo design, we frequently have a high volume of existing social design projects (ie wedding invitations) which are the heart of our business. For this purpose, if you want to work with someone who handles strictly branding and design for businesses we love referring people to The Tell Agency ( where they specialize in telling the story of your brand. Tell Amanda we referred you! As of 11/2021 they start at $700 for a logo and $1200 for a branding package. They set their own pricing and are subject to change.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions about Logo design! We look forward to working with you!

Elizabeth @ Fresh Ink


Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Custom Design Consulting Charges


Fresh Ink is proud to offer several levels of custom design work to fit any budget. Below is a summary.

Semi Custom: These are items on our web site including digital printed products and value invitations. Most general stationery falls into this category. Your initial consultation is complimentary. Hours worked on your project for homework or other meeting hours are billed at our hourly rate.

Custom:  Most invitations fall into this category. The creation is custom designed for you, but most items ordered are from a single source and don't require cross-vendor management. The initial consultation, one hour of "homework" quoting if needed, and one follow up consultation are complimentary. Additional homework or meeting hours are billed at our hourly rate.

Specialty Custom: This project may require custom quoting across multiple vendor platforms for completion. The initial consultation, one hour of "homework" quoting if needed, and one follow up consultation are complimentary.

•The consultation time allowed is based on the type of project. Please inquire if you have questions.
•Additional hours for homework, phone meetings, or in-person meeting are billed at our current hourly rate with a 1 hour minimum. Please inquire for current rates.
•Unlimited emails posted on our quoting platform can be answered!
•We know your quantities might change with your project. Your initial quantity quote and one follow up quantity change price calculation are not charged. After the first two quotes, subsequent quotes are charged a nominal recalculation fee for a simple adjustment or an hour of "homework" if the calculation is more complex. Please inquire for current rates.


Thursday, March 25, 2021

Why Appointments?

Appointments allow us to anticipate your needs and make your experience more efficient.

It's easy to book an appointment!

  • Call or text 601-982-0245
  • Visit our first floor gift shop to inquire about earliest available times
  • Book the earliest available time online via
We manage exquisite but complex and time-sensitive projects which require close attention to detail. Having dedicated time set aside to meet with you will make your experience much better. Because of the wide range of options we offer for custom work, just "dropping in" will likely not allow enough time for a full discussion.

If you just want to place a quick stationery order from Embossed Graphics or a set of in-store printed stationery, those limited options can be ordered in our first floor gift shop at any drop-in time.

Any custom invitation, cups, napkins, or accessories need to have a sit-down meeting to finalize and appointment helps us be respectful of the other clients with existing appointments and helps our staff manage their time.

If we can't see you right away, you can browse our entire library of in-store images to get a head start on your project via our dropbox link below:

We make every effort to accommodate any urgent request but because we have committed to existing projects that clients have paid for we have to carefully manage new project intake to ensure fairness to those projects already booked.

We appreciate your understanding!


Sunday, February 21, 2021

Fresh Ink Oxford Opens


Fresh Ink Oxford
New Location! Located at 1105 Van Buren Avenue on the Historic Oxford Square

Current Hours as of December 4, 2023
Monday - Saturday 10 am - 4 pm
most Sundays 11am -2 pm*
*please text 601-672-0371 to confirm Sunday staffing if you are making a special trip!

Winter Session or Summer Hours

Hours may vary due to staffing schedules and on game days.
Excluding holidays.
Please feel free to text or call 601-982-0245 to confirm hours on the date you would like to visit.

Here are some photos from our fabulous new setup, it's just next door to our first spot but there is lots more space and it's so fun to shop!

Original photos when we opened in 1107 Van Buren Avenue:


















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