Friday, November 20, 2009

The 10 Day's before December

T'was 10 days before December and at the back door,
The jolly UPS man arrived to deliver more!

He looked all throughout the store,
at the trees and tables full of cocktail napkins, onion dips & spreaders

Mesmerized by the wall's decked with invitations, photo cards, and stationery (to write those thank you letters)!

Then he glanced at the hostess gifts all nestled snug on a table
(reindeer bottle openers, wine bags, hors d'oeuvre picks, dish towels,
& match sticks)....

Can you afford them? OH YOU'LL BE ABLE!
And while our expert staff was busy, printing, and wrapping for free,
the white bearded UPS man left feeling all giddy with glee,
In a flash he vanished, after giving the staff a wink...
Exclaiming "Merry Christmas to all...and to all SHOP AT FRESH INK"!


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