Monday, April 18, 2022

Cups, Napkins, Koozies & Programs

Most of our clients want custom napkins, cups, koozies, or programs to compliment their suite. An outline of the pricing for these products for easy reference is below!

*Custom Napkins (with custom artwork)*

First 100 $90, each additional 100 $40 plus shipping

See lots of designs we have done here

*Value Napkins*

we offer a value napkin option for $30 per 100 plus shipping with limited font options

Those can be seen and ordered online here

*Frost cups - top selling 16 ounce size*

100 quantity minimum $1.50 each

at 500 quantity the price goes to $1 each

*cups incur $50 art fee for custom art if not done same art as napkins*

plus shipping

photos for inspiration in same folder as custom napkins

*Huggies - 1 color*

at 100 quantity neoprene $2.50 each, sponge $2 each

at 500 quantity neoprene $2 each, sponge $1.75 each

photos for inspiration in same folder as custom napkins

$50 setup plus shipping


Our top styles start at $2 each with 200 qty and more elaborate styles go from there!

Link to our dropbox with photos to start the process is here

If we are ready to get started on these we can email you a template to use.

Pricing is as of 4/1/2022 and subject to change.


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