Tuesday, November 16, 2021


Whether you are just starting a new business or refreshing your branding, we get many questions about logo design that can be answered below.

Logo design can typically be classified as "semi custom" or "completely custom" and the pricing for each can vary widely. Here are a few examples:

Semi Custom 1: You have a business name but not a "logo" and you just want some reasonable business cards to distribute. Something from our web site is a fast and economical way to start. Here is one example but there are hundreds more to choose from:


Semi Custom 2: You want to develop a logo for your business but you would like to keep the price moderate. Purchasing a logo that is pre-designed and ready for editing can be a good budget saver. We do this often from Creativemarket.com. Let's say you are a florist and want a minimal, modern logo. We might consider this one:


Then our graphic designer can modify the file for your needs. The cost of something like this is the cost of the bundle that you choose and $150 per hour of consultation or design time. Usually you can expect to pay for 2 hours, one to consult with an associate on your plan and one for the graphic designer to work on your selection for a total of $300. If you want to make tweaks to the template then additional time will be required. You will pay for $150 in advance for your first consulting hour and then the remaining $150 or balance upon approval of your logo. We reserve the right to bill in increments if the project takes an extensive amount of time.

Completely Custom: You would like to discuss fonts and colors and start completely from scratch on a logo designed from the ground up for you. This type of project requires a $1000 advance retainer and hours are billed at $250 per hour for consulting, planning, design and revisions. We will typically use almost all of the retainer in design but any that remains can be used toward printed products ie business cards etc.

While we have the talent to do logo design, we frequently have a high volume of existing social design projects (ie wedding invitations) which are the heart of our business. For this purpose, if you want to work with someone who handles strictly branding and design for businesses we love referring people to The Tell Agency (https://www.thetellagency.com) where they specialize in telling the story of your brand. Tell Amanda we referred you! As of 11/2021 they start at $700 for a logo and $1200 for a branding package. They set their own pricing and are subject to change.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions about Logo design! We look forward to working with you!

Elizabeth @ Fresh Ink


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