Monday, November 2, 2020

Rush Packet Items


We get lots of inquiries about preparing presentation packets for girls going through recruitment or "rush." While there was a time when lots of money was spent on preparing elaborate presentation packets to try and impress the girls in the chapter, the reality is that now most active girls never touch the presentation packet because all information is submitted electronically. When you, as a mother or a potential new member, prepare a presentation packet, you are preparing it in a way that makes it easy for an referring member to submit your information online. The presentation can still be elegant but it does not have to be as complicated or expensive as it was before.

We like to use just a simple white folder from Office Depot for your materials. We encourage you to type your resume neatly on white paper just as you would for a job application. Fancy fonts and elaborate designs are really not needed.  We like a cute sticker on the front of your folder, and a thank you note that can be hand-written and included with the packet to the referring member or used for a follow up. Any photos that you include need to be labeled with a simple black and white LEGIBLE sticker on the back because if the materials are mailed in to the recruitment chairmen, they are scanned into their system and legible information is important.

Most importantly, include an email address or phone number for the referring member to contact you if they would like to get your materials electronically. There is nothing more time-consuming than retyping someone's activities from a beautiful packet when it can be simply copied and pasted from a forwarded email.

We encourage people to pick out a sticker they like here for the front of the packet first:

Most of these stickers have coordinating thank you notes that will be displayed as you review the products.

The 1.5" round sticker shown here is great for the back of photos:

If you are interested in additional services here are some general prices subject to your final requests:

  • Proofreading of existing files: $150 per hour minimum 1 hour.
  • Resume typeset only: $300 which includes resume typeset from your information supplied in our template, and one hour of graphic design time and one hour of in-person meeting time. The first proof is included and subsequent proofs requested are $50 each.
  • Comprehensive resume and accessory design: $600 minimum which includes 1 hour in-person consultation and 3 hours of graphic design time and all digital pdf files upon completion. Additional in-person or graphic design hours are billed by the hour at $150 per hour.
  • Printed materials range greatly based on materials chosen but you can expect a starting point of $20 per packet for printed materials, thank you notes, and folders, with assembly with a minimum of 20 quantity

As always, your friends at Fresh Ink are happy to help in any way! To book a virtual or in-person appointment to discuss additional services please use the link below

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