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Best Stationery for Men

How do you chose stationery for a man?
Our guide for the perfect stationery will help you make the right selection.

When shopping for stationery for a gentleman, whether young or old, we usually ask a few questions:

1. How soon do you need it (ie is it a gift needed quickly)

2. Do you have a ballpark budget for your purchase? Is it a little happy, say under $50; a bigger purchase, say $50 to $200; or are we splurging on a unique creation with a budget bigger than $200. From your budget, we will provide options that are budget-friendly versus ones that are splurge-worthy.

3. What format do they want? A flat correspondence card is preferred for most gentleman over the age of 12 so we will focus on flat options for men. Sheets are often also requested regularly for men so we will discuss those options.

All of these topics are discussed in the options below that go from fastest to slowest and least to most expensive in the explanation below.


If you need something yesterday, like your guy needs to write thank you notes right now! We stock single letter flat correspondence cards in the store in 18 letters for easy grab and go. These are $19.95 per pack of 10 with envelopes and are shown below. They can be ordered online here and you can choose to pick them up in store or have them shipped.

Additionally we stock select styles of classic Crane flat correspondence cards for men like the ones shown below. Sheet/envelope sets are also in stock for grabs and go purchase. These range $24 to $26 for a box of cards/envelopes or sheets/envelopes depending on your selection. If you are shopping for this long distance, our selection rotates so just call us and we can text you pictures of the ones we have in-stock.

The above items would be those you would "grab-and-go" with either the initial already on them or plain.


Now let's talk about personalized options that are also relatively quick.

The flat correspondence cards shown below are printed in-house and paired with a colored envelope for something stylish but fast and cost-effective. In the typestyles shown, they are $20 per set of 10 personalized notes and envelopes and can be turned around in 3 business days as long as there are no design changes or requests. They are great for grads! Click here to shop more and you can also add envelope liners to this collection.


If you have about a week you can shop selections from our vast library of digitally printed stationery. The Corey Harrison sample below is from this library. On the web site, you can do your own proof, see how the names look in the fonts selected, and complete your order online or we are happy to do it for you. These are flat printed options but they look great and ship quickly. You can order as few as 10 but the price is better if you order more like 25, 30, etc. You will see really simple classic styles but also some more updated styles like the one shown below if your gentleman likes a little color or contemporary look. Most of this will be around the $50 to $200 range depending on the quantity you need.

$25 of the one shown above is currently $47 plus shipping (as of 8/21/2020)
Click here to shop more flat printed, personalized stationery that ships quickly.


If you have more like a week and a half or two weeks, and you want to purchase at least 25, that opens the door to one of our favorite brands, Embossed Graphics. They offer two types of stationery that men really love. Type 1 is a flat card where the name or print is in color. Type 2 is when the personalization is  "blind embossed" which means raised impression with no color. Some might argue that "ink" stands out more and is more memorable, while blind embossing is a little more personal and subtle - but you decide! This stationery is going to be in the $50 to $200 range depending on your quantity.

The images below are our top sellers for gentlemen from these collections, but you can shop many others via the link below the product. All pricing and ordering can be done on the web site as well, or we are happy to help if you are "technically challenged" as some of our clients like to say. These cards start at about $50 per set of 25 after shipping, but the price goes down considerably with higher ordering so it makes sense to order in higher quantities like 50 or 100 to maximize savings.
(shown above) The best raised ink card: Colonial card - click here to shop

(shown above) The best blind embossed card: Banner Card - click here to shop

(shown above) Great options for personalized letter sheets at a good price point. Click here to see or order other personalized sheet options from this brand.

If you want to see more options,
so many more great flat cards for mens can be found by clicking here.

All the items in this section can be ordered online just like if you were in the store! Shipping is incurred whether you order online or order in store since these items are printed off-site.


If you have at least 3 weeks time (for ordering) and a budget of at least $200, then we can get into the realm of some of our heirloom printers like Crane and Arzberger. When working with these brands, anything you could possibly want in stationery can be brought to life. Thermography, engraving, edge paint, bevels, custom liners, the options are limitless. Images below are from Arzberger (Luther Harris Dudley suite) and Fresh Ink's instagram (collection of Crane projects).

If this is the direction you would like to go, we will need to curate option for you. Let us know a little big more about the individual. Knowing his age is helpful. Knowing if he tends to the classics or likes something with a little more updated design is also advantageous. We will also ask if this will be for personal or professional correspondence since that can dictate selections as well. Once we get this information we can email you some starting ideas and price points to go down this path.

Whatever you decide, we are here to help! Contact us via 601-982-0245 or text us via the same number for more information or to schedule a phone or in-person appointment.

Thank you!


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