Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Best Stationery for Graduates

How do you chose stationery for a graduate? Our guide for the perfect stationery for a graduate will help you make the right selection.

For girls: Most females prefer a folded note, however a note or flat card is equally appropriate for a lady. For female graduates, the starting point for stationery is deciding if you have a preference between these different options:
1. Classic styles on white or ivory with raised ink printing
2. Classic style with "blind embossed" printing - ie name raised with no ink color
3. More colorful and whimsical styles with flat printing
And then of course you need to choose if you want folded or flat!
Details on each are below:

Click to shop Classic Folded Styles with raised ink printing (samples shown below)

The samples below show what we call "blind embossing," a technique which features raising the image, monogram or text with no print color. We sell a TON of this style, and while some people feel it's a little mature for a grad, and looks more like something to use for a bride, we find it's classic and versatile for anyone. A senior could pair a colorful envelope lining with the note or card to punch up the color if desired!

Females may also want something more whimsical and colorful like the samples below. There are hundreds of those styles you can click to shop whimsical and colorful stationery online.

For guys: Gentlemen usually use a flat correspondence card over a folded note. It really boils down to  if the writer likes color for the imprint of his name as in below, or if he prefers his name to be "blind embossed" which means raised impression with no color. Some might argue that "ink" stands out more and is more memorable, while blind embossing is a little more personal and subtle - but you decide!

Top choices for raised ink flat cards for gentlemen
The best raised ink card: Colonial card - click here to shop

The best blind embossed card: Banner Card - click here to shop

If you want to see more options, so many more great flat cards for male grads can be found by clicking here.

All the items here can be ordered online just like if you were in the store! Shipping is incurred whether you order online or order in store since these items are printed off-site. Of course, for our clients who are admittedly "not very tech savvy," we are always happy to assist you with ordering by phone or text via 601-982-0245 while our doors are closed during the Coronavirus Pandemic.


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