Monday, May 5, 2014

First of May

It's almost Mother's Day!
She gave birth to you - the least you can do
is send her a card and a gift!

One of our favorite cards from Emily McDowell,
paired with a new notebook from Rifle Paper Co
and some Lollia lotion would make a great gift.

The new calligraphy name stamp we developed has been a huge hit!
Use it to stamp any notes, cards, or even wrapping paper.
We sell it with a gold ink pad
because gold is so much more interesting than black.

Your mom would love some colorful embossed napkins
for summer entertaining.
Why not give her a set of each color
and let her mix them on her patio?

Monogrammed guest towels make a great gift for mom.
She can use them for easy dinner napkins
or in the guest bathroom on the vanity.

For the mom who has everything,
how about a gold or silver luxe leather cord keeper?
This is the best invention ever!

Graduation season always sparks interest in our Moon & Lola Necklaces.
The mini (top - purple) is a recent addition to their size line up.
The extra large (bottom - blonde tortoise) is gorgeous as well and new.
These would definitely be worn by graduates this summer
and well into the fall football season.

New Rifle Paper Company folio sets are now in stock.
They make a lovely graduation happy for a special senior.

Our new wick trimmer and wick dipper are our new necessities.
You will never soot-ify your scissors again
to incorrectly trim your candle wick thanks to this new arrival
from the developer in Memphis, Tennessee.

Here's how it works!
Our Seda France candles are particularly
guilty of wick "mushrooming."
This causes the candle to smoke and emit soot.

The wick trimmer snips the long wick,
and captures the icky sooty part
from falling back into the candle wax.

Voila, neatly trimmed wick!

And a beautifully burning candle - minus smoke and soot!

The wick dipper also let's you extinguish your candle
without any smoke or mess.
It's a perfect duo to give the candle lover in your life.

Spring fever has arrived….

And with it wedding season!
We have been putting together many wonderful color palettes.
This one in burlap, lace, kraft, copper,
and indigo blue for a bridal meeting.

One of our dear brides created a custom fan for her wedding.
The pale pink and hunter green colors will go with many color schemes
and provide a welcome breeze in the Southern summer heat for your guests!

The first of May brings more roses like these,

But also the kind that go along with the KENTUCKY DERBY!

Our friends host the most delightful derby party every year
and their strawberry mint juleps are the peak of the event
even if your horse does not take home the prize.

We hope you will come see us here next weekend for more information

Or you can always come see us here

Hope to see you soon!



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