Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tailgate Starting Lineup

All the items shown below are due in-store around August 10th
Stock sells out quickly, so please call to confirm availability at 601-982-0235 or email us at if you are seeking a specific item!

The Original Dean-O - in Bluetooth
This is the bag for everyone.  It's large enough to hold a lot, but not so large that you need a forklift to move it when full.  Measures 19x15x10"

The Four Boys Bag - in Well Red
This bag literally holds clothes for a week for 4 boys, so imagine all the tailgating gear it can hold.  The zipper on the top insures that nothing will fall out.  I'm not lying, when this is full you might need a wagon to get it home because it's so big - but tell your date tailgating is not for whimps anyway.
Measures 24x19x12"

The Mini Deano - in Bluetooth and Foxy Brown
This bag is so versatile, it can be a tote bag on a game weekend or a diaper bag during the week.  Like all these bags, the great construction and wipe-off surface ensure this bag is always ready to play.
Measures 13x12x6

Pocket Rocket - in Hedge Fund (coming soon!)
This bag can play defense or offense with it's tote handles or shoulder handles.   It is streamlined and thin, and the front pockets are great to drop your keys or phone in.  If you use a small cross-body bag for carrying around essentials on a busy game day, this is a great "bigger bag" that you can leave wipes, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and all those other essentials in and take your smaller bag in and out of it as needed.

Gift Bag - Well Red and Ziggy Stardusto (coming soon!  call to pre-order)
This is just a great, stylish bag and the durable wipe-off surface makes sure the contents inside stay dry.  You can't beat the price, either.  Use it for yourself, or give as a housewarming gift with some snacks and goodies when you go visit.
see the photo below that illustrates the size of this handy little diddy
on the left is the gift bag, then the spirit liftah, then the original dean-o
you can see that the dean-o is a larger, re-enforced bag for heavier loads
but the gift bag will definitely get that bloody mary mix
and box of cheese-its to the tailgate in style

Spirit Liftah in Ziggy Stardusto and Bluetooth (coming soon - call to pre-order!)
Self explanatory!

Pleasure Chest - in Bluetooth & Ziggy Stardusto (coming soon - call to pre-order!)
This is a wonderful light-weight cooler.  The soft interior liner keeps dips and drinks cool.  Because all soft sided coolers are  more fragile than their plastic counterparts, we suggest using an ice pack for this guy and not putting gobs of actual ice in it.  It will lengthen the life of the bag and avoid any potential scandalous leaks.

The Stiff One - in Bluetooth (coming soon - call to pre-order!)
This cooler is sturdier than it's pleasure chest counterpart due to a solid, molded bottom.
Heat sealed liner prevents leaks.  14x12x9"

Hang-10 Bin in Ziggy Stardusto (coming soon - call to pre-order!)
This is the smaller of 3 collapsible bins we have this year.  It will hold files or toys in the "off season" but during the tailgate season it's great to tote your goods to the table, but then put bags of chips or other items in on the table. 12x10x9

The Shoulda Bin - in Ziggy Stardusto (coming soon - call to pre-order!)
Medium sized collapsible storage.  Use this for tailgating but it will be an year-round essential in your car or playroom to keep floating sundries corralled.  Collapses as displayed below.  19x16x12"

The Junque Trunk in Bluetooth
Have stuff, need storage.  This pop up bad boy will step up to the task.  Check out how it collapses for easy storage and it's capacity by the diagrams below.  Envision it helping you keep your tailgating gear corralled as you wheel it in on that collapsible wagon.  24x15x15


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