Thursday, January 5, 2012

Traditional Invitations and Save the Dates (with a twist)

Traditional or with a twist? What to do, what to do? There are so many decisions to make when planning your wedding and in my opinion the invitations and save-the-dates are that the top of decision making pile (right after the dress of course!) They are often the first thing that people see, for your big day, and you can capitalize on that opportunity to set the mood for the event. 

Whether you want a very traditional wedding or want something completely different or you are still trying to decide, our staff at Fresh Ink can help you get your ideas literally onto paper. Here are some of the invitations we created this past year that can hopefully give you some ideas about the invitations you are hoping to create...

Save these dates:

A beautiful and traditional save-the-date. This is one of my very favorites because it is classic yet eye catching. The flourish around the initials and the beautiful script add just the right touch. 

Adding photos to save-the-dates isn't really anything new but using shimmery card stock and the photo as the backdrop for your text, you get a very unique take on a photo-driven save-the-date. 

Love, love, love these modern save-the-dates. Using the initials as the main feature with a simple font and a fun pop of color you have a winning design that your friends will gladly display on their fridge!  

This save-the-date is a type-lovers delight! Using old fashioned western typefaces make this gray and white save-the-date very eye catching! 

Invite your creativity: 

Classically beautiful! If your budget allows, letterpress is such a wonderful touch to any invitation, that, combined with elegant script and a muted color make these invitations simple and gorgeous. 

Calligraphy isn't just for envelopes! Using a calligraphy typeface or having a calligrapher pen your invitation is a wonderful way to make even a black and white design grab your attention. 

Initials and script draw the eye to couple's names on this pretty one color invitation. 

Like the previous invitation this is another example of an invitation that puts calligraphy/script together with a very simple sans-serif font to make an eye-catching invitation. The flower illustration at the top adds a unique finishing touch.

Another simple yet stunning invitation. Letterpress with a simple illustration on square card-stock and just two colors are all this invite needs to hold its own in the pile. 

These invites are one of my very favorite designs from this past year. A combination of a few beautiful typefaces with a fun layout and simple border make this invitation stand out from the crowd. 

Dinners, parties and bocce; oh my! 

A bright color paired with a muted one give this invitation a playful and summery feel. Its elegant and fun at the same time! 

A non-traditional invitation for a non-traditional party. The colors and design of these invitations make it just as fun as the party itself! Let your unique ideas go from your even to the paper just like these invites. 

Hopefully we've given you some ideas to get your wheels turning about what you want for your big day! Remember if you come and order your invitations, save the dates, programs etc this week you will get 10% off your order because it's still WEDDING WEEK at Fresh Ink! We also have lots of great deals on Jon Hart, William Bounds Acrylicware, Wedding Albums and other accessories during Wedding Week. (it all ends Saturday!)


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