Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Late Summer Cheese Plate How-to

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Having friends over and haven't had time to whip-up a Martha-style spread? Well look no further than your own pantry because guaranteed you have all the ingredients to throw together a gourmet style cheese plate in no time! 

For this time of year, stick with the lighter cheeses; Bries and bleus are so delicious but are a little heavy for the late-summer weather. You probably already have most of these in your fridge, but if not, any local grocery should have them on hand. Try these tasty combinations: 

Parmigiano Reggiano with raw honey

Chevre rolled in lemon thyme, chives, rosemary to taste and ground pepper

Manchego with apricot jam 

Baby Mozerella with slow roasted yellow tomatoes, basil and balsamic reduction

Add your favorite crackers, a variety of nuts,  and you have a cheese plate to wow the masses! 
Here are some of the great items we have at Fresh Ink that will make your cheese presentation even more beautiful: 

Galvanized Metal Pedestals $22, $35, $45

Add height to your spread with these Galvanized Metal Pedestals. They are one of my favorite items we have in the store right now because they are so pretty, lightweight and you can use them for anything-parties, florals, tailgating, etc. 

Monogrammed Wooden Cutting-Board $34

Serve-up your crackers and cheese on this beautiful wood monogramed cutting board. The board is great for parties and everyday use. 

Cheese Tasting Party Kit $16.95 

Make setting up your cheese plate even easier with the Cheese Tasting Party Kit which includes cards profiling 50 cheese varieties and the best wines to drink with them, decorative labels on which to write each cheese selection, and toothpicks that attach the labels right into the cheese. There is also a checklist that lets you track your cheese samplings and a tri-fold card that offers advice on buying, storing and pairing cheeses. This would be great for your party or as a gift for a friend hosting a party. 

Govino set of 4 wine glasses $13.95

If you're like me you need a little vino to go with your cheese. The Govino glasses we have at Fresh Ink are perfect for a party.  The glasses are great, not only because they look just like crystal, but they are made of BPA free plastic and completely recyclable!

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