Friday, May 6, 2011

The Sweet Smell.....

In the blog it's fun to call attention to items in the store that you might not normally notice.  Some things are not going to knock you over when you come in the front door at Fresh Ink the way a Seda France Japanese Quince candle does, however they are often just as fabulous.  One item that I am in LOVE with lately are these tiny purfumes from Love & Toast.  Lollia is the same line that created the Lollia products we are so successful with (luxurious hand cremes).  These tiny bottles are just $10.50 each, and the fragrances are very fresh and summery.  I have one tucked in the side door of my car, another one in my gym bag, and another one in the one quart zip lock that I keep packed for the airplane trip.  The car one is the one I use the most, since by the time I pull kids in and out of the car all day long, I always need a little "freshen up" splash before I go meet someone for lunch.  The fragrances are very natural - you will not smell like you are going to a cocktail party - and that is why I have really gotten addicted to them.  They are the perfect summer splash to have in your purse - for those times when you forget to put perfume on at home - always?!?  Next time you are a Fresh Ink grab one of these gems for your purse or car door pocket.  Hint - it would be a great little treat to add to that gift certificate you got your mom! - elizabeth

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