Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Jon Hart Obsession

It all started in college.  While working at Oxford Floral during college, I started a collection of Jon Hart Design luggage.  At the time my life was filled with car and weekend trips and it was the perfect luggage to fit the bill.  It's hard to believe that I've had some of our pieces for over (ehem) 13 years.  Actually, these items below were the 3 items I purchased in college.  Below, they are packed for a week at the beach this summer.  Do you know any Vera Bradley that has held up that beautifully?
I was even able to re-monogram the tags on my luggage from college with my new last name after I got married.  These bags have been on planes, trains, and cars - and I still get compliments on how good-looking they are.

I started my sister on the obsession with this bag.  It's a perfect carry-on size for the airport and fits in most overhead bins.  I see her with it every trip!

This is the bag I got for Jeff.  It was a nice upgrade from the black patchwork leather duffel he was carrying (blech).  I had it monogrammed with just Upchurch as well so our son can use it, too!

The latest addition to my collection this year was this "off broadway" tote.  I actually use it as a bag for my laptop and traveling for work.  It's good-looking enough that I am not embarassed to be carrying it if I stop in somewhere to shop.  But it's not your normal "briefcase bag."  It does not have tons of inner padded pockets and dividers, but I find that sometimes a bag can have so many dividers that sometimes you can not actually fit very much in it.  This one is just a standard tote - (it has an outer and inner pocket) but I can fit tons of stuff inside it including my large laptop.  I have it in black - it's sleek and very hard-working!

Next for my collection is this backpack.  I plan to use it as a diaper bag for this fall and winter.  I am HOPING that because it's not so frilly and fru-fru that my husband will carry it.  But also, when I am carrying it, I think a backpack will be alot easier to navigate when we are somewhere like a museum or football game rather than a bag over one shoulder.  Pushing a stroller and holding a 5 year old's hand sometimes makes it hard to carry a bag on one shoulder.  Plus, I think when our son is a little older HE can carry some of his own items in this bag.

You can save now if you start or indulge in your Jon Hart obsession with the back to school sale!  We have a great selection of samples in the store so you can see the quality of this USA-made product.

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