Monday, June 14, 2010

Make a splash with a mermaid painting party!

Let's face it, Mississippi summer days are hot! There are alot of pool parties, and it's hard to find something different that will be entertaining for a group of 7 year little girls. Kristen McCaskill had a fantastic idea for her little girl's 7th birthday - a mermaid painting party!

The invitation from Inviting Company set the theme for the party - featuring "little mermaids" just the size of the guests!  The location, the Mississippi Craft Center, was the perfect spot to get creatively inspired.

Each guest had a canvas and paints, and the class was guided by an instructor. The creative juices were definitely flowing!

The cake was created by Kristen Mullen from Crumb - and not only was it adorable, it was DELICIOUS!

Each girl took home their creation as a wonderful memento from their friend's special birthday party, and no one even had to apply sunscreen!

Please share photos from your event by e-mailing them to - we will locate the proof on your invitation to share it along with the photos.  Our customers love to see great ideas!

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