Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Initial It!

The Monogram/Personalization craze will never end down here in the south! I think its so savvy that we are offering options now. Options that don't involve the following monogramming scenario (purchase a gift, pick out the font, the color of the font, the position of the monogram, dig through face book to find her middle initial, blah, blah,... go back and pick it up 5-7 days later, "oh! it's not ready, when will it be ready?" kind of gift) A single letter suits everyone just fine! These coozies/huggies are too cute for words! Each fabric and initial is unique. A month ago, I went on a girls trip,and one of our friends bought each of us a monogrammed huggie...what a FUN and unexpected party favor to remember the trip by!

Also, who doesn't need to spruce up their beach bag this summer? If yours is suntan lotion stained, sun faded, and sandy...then here is a vibrant new clean bag! Already personalized, this bag is only $27.00 and has a zippered bag for your change, a room key, and lip balm! I've given all ages this gift...from my 10 yr old neighbor, to my 62 yr old mother...Every age group can use this! Also our green and pink HINGE personalized beach towels are the BOMB! Fluffy, and large, it is only $35.00......How cute to give this to your bridesmaids, or the sweet couple that hosted you at their beach condo this summer?

Not sure whether to do the first or last initial? Here is a rule of thumb:
  • On most casual gifts you would purchase the letter of the recipients first name (very informal stationary, beach towels, beach bags, wallets).
  • If your friends might get married in the next year, then use their first name's initial, so that when their name changes, they can still use the gift.
  • If it is for the couple (example; serving plates, guest towels, napkins, linens, styro cups, formal stationary) then you would purchase the individuals last name's initial.
  • Basically, the more formal the gift, the last name's initial is purchased--Casual gift--first letter.

SPECIAL SAVINGS: Present a copy of this post from 6/11/09 to 6/18/09 and save 10% off your purchase of one of these personalized items!

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